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some help with polishing some atv parts

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  • some help with polishing some atv parts

    ok i have an angle die grinder one of the small handheld ones but i have a hard time finding ssanding disc for it, i have heard several different methods but most of my parts are small, a hand sander would be of no use to me, maybe on 1 or 2 items for less than1 minute so i dont see buying one for that,
    i have the compounds already but the buffing wheels availbe for waht i have is limited i can not find much ni the 4in range or in the mushrooms etc
    im trying to avoid sanding by hand i know some is needed but so far its seems like its more that than anything,

    ive not heard of anyone using those wire wheels any? i have found them are they any help , i figured they create swirls bad is the reason they are not used, ive found a few things online but i wanted to look at the parts before i buy b/c they seemed kinda high for what it was, if you got any help i appreciate it

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    A lot of people on here seem to be using angle grinders. What kind/size connection you got on the grinder?
    Someone on below thread has some relevent advice,

    have a read through that and look through caswel's site for the stuff he's talking about.