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    hey i'm new here and i'm gonna be polishing some atv stuff for myself and probably some others...I don't want to invest in a really expensive machine. i saw on here that some people just use drills? Should i do that or should i get a buffing machine. I was looking at this kit to start with. what does everyone think about that one? If not, can someone direct me to something around that price that would be good, preferably with a kit, and anything else I might need to get started. Also, should I be polishing everything different if some things are aluminum and some arent? How would it be different? thanks

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    best thing to do is to get an angle grinder that spins at 6000 rpm, nothing more and nothing less. look on ebay or Get 6" wheels of sisal, spiral, flannel, and cotton. and get black, brown, white, and red compounds.


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      ok thanks but two things...on this site it says to get between 3200 and 7500 rpm after doing the with 6000 rpm and 6" wheels thatd be 9000, wouldnt taht be too fast? all the buffing machines are about 3000 at most..
      and also, im gonna be doing some small parts so wouldnt a bench grinder make that easier bc i wont have to hold the part and the tool?