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Sanding drum grits finer than 120?

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  • Sanding drum grits finer than 120?


    I'm working on an old Shovelhead motor and want to remove the sand casting marks on the engine and polish. The problem is that there are many tight and small places that need to be sanded and the only barrel sand drums I can find are way to much grit. The tightest grit I can find is 120, but I need to get to at least 400-600 before I can put the part to the polishing wheel. Any ideas where I can find those dremel like sanding drums that have a higher grit count?

    Thanks for the help!!!

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    try the abrasives/surface conditioning pages on caswell's website. I seem to remember fine grade cartridge rolls on there. Another option is greaseless on felt bobs but i havn't seen a greasless more than 400 grit.
    But at the end of the day there may be no avoiding good ol' fashioned hand sanding.


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      Same problem

      This is the exact same problem I am having working on my cycle case. The sanding rolls are too course and large to get in corners. I tried felt bobs, but they are also too large. Small ones can get in there but don't have enough cutting action. Any help would be appreciated too!


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        i think i seen some thing on that at eastwood supply companys web sight?, not sure but i think that was it might be worth a look. clydes