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    I have just started refinishing golf irons. I have a sisal wheel, stitched wheel, and loose cotton wheel, which are all new wheels. The problem is after using the sisal wheel with black compound, there are still scratches on the irons. Starting with the sisal wheel, it seems like I can't get enough compound on the wheel, which is basically the same problem with the rest of the wheels. How long do you hold the bar to the wheel, and how much of the bar should be removed to get a proper application? The irons look good, but they still have the scratches.

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    how deep are the scratches? Anything but the shallowest scratches will probably have to be sanded out first. Black should be used after fine sanding to get out the sanding scratches and prepare for polishing. It is not intended to 'repair' the surface or take out scratching but to make an already repaired and satin finish shiny.
    As for the loading you should hold the compound to the wheel for between 1 and 2 secs every few minutes.