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stripping anodizing off aluminum

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  • stripping anodizing off aluminum

    Hi Guys,
    I'm planning to polish a bunch of airplane parts that currently have a brushed finished, covered with some sort of clear anodizing. I'd like to strip this off and polish out the aluminum. I have some polishing experience from my hot rod days years ago, so I consider myself just knowledegable to be dangerous...

    I know I can sand the finish off, but this is time/labor intensive and will leave a rougher finish to polish out. I have also tried oven cleaner and it appears to work, but the underlying aluminum seems to be pitted and rough. At this time the only polishing stuff I have is one small dremel wheel, so I can't even tell for sure...

    Any suggestions I'm going to order a polishing kit from Caswell, and want to get all I need!

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    Please don't cross post. You've asked the same question in the anodizing forum (and the answer by the way is to use our Anodize Stripper chemical)
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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