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Cleanin\' sewn wheel\'s

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  • Cleanin\' sewn wheel\'s

    Is there any way to get emery compound out of a sewn wheel. I want to use a brown compound with the wheel. I didn\'t clean the rim I was polishin\' before tryin\' to switch to the brown compound, turned the wheel black, full of emery compound.(begginers mistake) Can you help? Also how do you know how much compound to put on a wheel, how much is to much?

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    Re: Cleanin\' sewn wheel\'s

    Yes, we sell a wheel rake that is used to clean the wheels. See

    You should apply very small amounts of compound at a time, or you will gum up the wheel and it won\'t polish effectively. Read our buffing booklet for more info.
    Mike Caswell
    Caswell Inc
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