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best method of keeping aluminum polished?

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  • best method of keeping aluminum polished?

    Hey all

    I am currently polishing a bicycle frame made of 6061. It is a brushed finish and I am hoping to make it as shiny as possible. The best system I have come up with so far is wet sanding 1200 grit and then using the buffing wheels and compounds. My major concern is that after all this work it will look rough in a short period of time. Would anodizing be a good way to keep it from deteriorating? I want to keep the mirror finish so I assume either no dye or silver would be my only options. Maybe I am way off base here an just a good wax job will do. I'm sorta looking for an excuse to get set up anodizing, and I suppose a bike frame would not be a great first project anyway! Thanks for any advice.


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    well you need to start some where ... good luck!! but all i can say to this one i would take time to read buffman topic.. lot's of tricks and tips :

    to keep you shine i would coat it with carnuba wax or zoop it