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Newbie here getting started today! Hello everybody!

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  • Newbie here getting started today! Hello everybody!

    Hi everybody this is the site I've been lookin' for! I bought a buffer from X

    I just got back from the hardware store with concrete bolts to mount the stand down. I'm into R/C airplanes, BMX, MX, Boats and anything interesting! Oh yea I'm fat and ugly!
    I want to polish R/C glow engines and mufflers. BMX rims and parts. Motorcycle parts.
    I will be buying some wheels and other things from these fine folks who own this website. The ones I got with my X machine are junk I think!
    I hope I didn't waste your time with my hello and I'll post pictures in the morning good or bad! Chris Haslam

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    Well I tried it and had some luck! My buffing wheel is falling to pieces! I'll order some new one 2morrow. I read on this site not to mix the rubbing compounds so with one pad I just used the white stuff. I'm very happy! I still have tons to learn!


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      first i would read the buff man topic it will help you out alot.. and never mix compounds and it is a good idea to use i pad per compound. caswell for the best prices on buffs and i stock up ... good luck and if you need help we are just a post away. someone will chime in and help