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Is greaseless cheating? Plus a ?

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  • Is greaseless cheating? Plus a ?

    So I've been running a polishing business for about a year now, doing pretty much everything by hand. I have been working on a complicated upper intake for about 2 days now, I'm working with 80 grit to get the deep pitting out. I just got my greaseless in today, and I feel like it's cheating. 120 grit just rips through pitting like it was nothing, 120 greaseless on a bob gets all the pitting out of tough to reach places, I can't believe it.

    Now for the question, my buffing machine is 3500RPM, I spin the wheel with a drill to load the compound on, my guess is maybe 800-1000RPM. Then let it sit for about 5 min to dry, then I only get maybe 3 minutes of cutting/sanding action out of it. I've read some people get up to 20 min of sanding time? As I keep adding it to the wheel will it just keep lasting longer and longer? Any tips?

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    cheating is tell the irs you made 100 bucks while you know you made 5 grand....

    greaseless if one of the fastest ways to prep and it cut's down on time .. once you use it more it will dig in to the buff and you will get more cut out of it .. i get 20+ min out of a loading .. i let it dry for a few then off to kicking dust
    good luck


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      Re: Is greaseless cheating? Plus a ?

      Originally posted by berad001
      Now for the question, my buffing machine is 3500RPM,...As I keep adding it to the wheel will it just keep lasting longer and longer? Any tips?
      Yes, it will load up more with usage to some extent. But IMHO your 3500 is throwing it off. I use a separate 1350 motor for greaseless.

      Also, as soon as you hit an edge, like on the intake you're working on, it drags the grit off the wheel so in these cases you'll have to load more often.

      Once you get working and the wheel heats up, it takes a lot less time to dry - maybe a minute.

      BTW, yesterday I discovered one of my greaseless stick had dried out on the end so no grit would go onto the wheel. But a few squirts with a water spray bottle brought it right back.


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        Thanks guys... one other question, what wheels are you guys using, just cotton, or will a sisal work as well?


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          Sprial only on greaseless !!!!!


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            store it in an old cooler with a tight lid, it will not dry out and last for months


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              so, if I use the greaseless then do I still have to hand sand the cast aluminum first? Thanks.


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                no you don't have to hand sand work the compound then when you are done you should be able to jump to black on a spiral ( I don't use sisals at all)