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good result but not tey perfect.

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  • good result but not tey perfect.

    ok ive finally got some results thatim some what proud of. but i still have alot of small scratches left that ithink is from the tripolie.

    i wet sanded to 2000 then went went brown on a black on a sewn stitch. then brown on a sewn. i could still see some scratches on the part so i tried brown on a canton then white red on a sewn stitch and still the same.
    i finished with white on a canton. could this be because im useing a drill that only spins at 1200 rpm.(i have a bench grinder im gonna convert when i get it). any one have any suggestion or advice.

    the first 2 pic are before and after the last pic is a close up of the scratches. sorry the pics suck i dont have a great camera.

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    guess i cant post pics. well if you copy and paste you will see what i mean.
    i also did another one of these and tried skipping the black but i got the same results.


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      your pics aren't working for me.

      It seems i am having the same problem. I have tons of scratches in the wheels I am polishing. They look great from about 2 feet away or more but if you get up close or if the light hits it a cetain way, you can see it is full of scratches. I spent 6 hours today polishing one wheel and I am very frustrated (just polishing, sanding was done over the past few weeks)

      For sanding I stared with something really course (dunno what it was, found it around the house) to get out the gouges, then continued iw 320,400,600 and finally 1500grit. I spent a ridiculous amount of time on this. I then used my 1/2" 3000rpm hammer drill and loaded up a 4" spiral sewn wheel with black compound and polished the hell out of it (raking the wheel when needed too). It polished up very nicely albeit with a lot of scratches and I couldn't wait to hit it with some brown compound.

      I mounted and new wheel and after raking it loaded it with the brown compound (spiral sewn). It didn't seem to improve the shine at all but it did reomove the scratches from the black stage...however It added even more scratches this time!! just in the other direction (I go 90 degrees to the last step each time I switch compounds) frustrated, I prayed that my loose cotton wheel with white compound would fix it. but It didn't even touch the scratches.

      I am 100 % positive they are not sanding scratches. I even started all over again at 600 grit on one of the spokes and spent a couple hours on it, just on that one spoke. same thing happened.

      I used different sawz-all blades for raking each wheel. I keep the wheels associated with one compound in seperate zip loc bags, well away from my working area. I cleaned using hot water, sunlight soap (I find it works great), a tooth brush and some wheel cleaner between steps and then dry it. I see no way for cross contamination other than the vice I mount the blades in. I am quite sure I have done the steps properly.

      I really want to find out how to fix this. when you spend so many hours you want it perect. and although it looks great I would at least like to know what I messed up.

      some pics (copy and paste in new window):
      I actually have 2 wheels done but both have the same symptoms. first pic shows how nice they look from a distance (one unpainted between spokes)

      With flash off at the right light:

      another, same situation

      with flash on up close

      does anybody have any ideas? I'll live with it the way it is but i'd rather not. Thanks