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    i am a newbie to polishing so i have a question or two. first is there a senseable difference in using treated wheels over non treated. second what is best for cast bronze. i am polishing alum. brass and bronze on old gas pump nozzles. i will post as soon as i can get some pics. i am going to place a caswell order next day or so and want to try to get the right stuff first time out. thanks for all responses
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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    The treated wheels are slightly harder and wear longer. HOWEVER, wheels are a personal thing. There is no BEST wheel!

    Some folks prefer one wheel, coupled with a different compound, whilst others will do the job a different way.

    You need to try them all, after all, they are cheap. Experiment, and by doing so, you'll soon find your optimum technique and become an expert.
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