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  • glass blasting

    I've been polishing poor shape Alcoa truck wheels for years now,,,always sanding poor ones from 80 grit up to 400,,,been wondering if anyone has ever tried sandblasting with glass,,or anything else & how does it turn out?
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    blast them then da sand with 180 then go right to your buffing wheels they should turn out fine. works for me. clydes


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      Re: glass blasting

      If you use baking soda in your media blaster there is no need to use sand paper this will leave a bright finish with out sanding and will not harm the piece you are working on
      due to high heat sand can actualy burn items if you are not careful also sand or bead blasting can leave a dull or gray finish on the item that needs to be polished out before plating
      I use soda on everything it works great with very little time at the polisher afterwards
      Jim Eaton