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Awkward tight spots- advice please?

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  • Awkward tight spots- advice please?

    Newbie polisher here. I've done some flat test pieces and can get good results, but now that I'm doing a real piece, I can't get into the tight spots.

    I've tried some 1/4" tapered felt bobs, but they disintegrated w/in a minute. Tried some 1" Dremel spiral sewn wheels, but they're too small, the dremel chuck rubs agains the raised portions.

    Any advice as to what wheels/buffs/bobs I should use?

    Here's the part & dimensions I have to deal with:

    Thanks, Sean.
    Seans Zinc Plating page

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    You should be able to get to those areas with something called "cartridge rolls" of the tapered variety, available from 80 to 320 grit I believe. After the 320 you should be able to mush a regular wheel in there, or use small cotton wheels on your Dremel.

    I won't upset our hosts by telling you where to get them - do a Google search for "cartridge rolls" for source of supply. I wish Caswell carried them.


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      I'm already familiar w/the tapered abrasive rolls, I've used them before. I've already got the part adequately sanded down by hand, just can't get the final polish in there.

      Regular 6" buff wheels are just too large to get into those tight spots, they won't "mush" enough, are are too wide. I need something skinny, < 1/4", about 2" diameter.
      Seans Zinc Plating page


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        Like I said, then go to the Dremel cotton wheels. I used one with emery on a flex shaft just last night on a Harley master cylinder. Found I had to really bear down on it (had the wheel smoking!) but it worked fine.


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          Thanks again:

          The standard 1" dremel wheels don't work. Trying to get into a .42" deep U-channel, the chuck on the drill hits the aluminum first, scarring it up badly.

          Fortunately, I think I've located some 2" thin wheels that I will try.
          Seans Zinc Plating page


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            You're right, the std. Dremels are a bit small. I did get some 2" wheels but I forget the brand name. This will also give you more fpm on the surface of the wheel.