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How long do I work the Black/Brown Compounds for?

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  • How long do I work the Black/Brown Compounds for?

    So thats my question. When I was dry/wet sanding with my numerous grits of sandpaper I would spend probably 30minutes on each grit size, doing each part at least twice.

    I spent only about 3 minutes of buffing on each of the black/brown compounds with the wheels and although they look pretty you can still see minor scratches, Im wondering if this is because i did the cut/color wrong or if because I didnt spend enough time 'buffing' with these compounds.

    What length of time should i use as a standard metric?!!??

    thank you so much for the quick responses


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    If it takes you 30 minutes to sand, 3 minutes doesn't sound like much for the polishing part.

    Depends a lot on your equipment and methods. Big machine + big wheel + coarse compound/wheel = less time; small machine etc. = more time. Usually when you see sctratches you need to drop back one or two steps and spend more time.


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      I appreciate the feedback but it doesnt sound like your experienced enough to answer me, no offense but when you phrased it as...doesnt sound like much, it didnt make me all warm and fuzzy.

      To answer your question though im using 4 inch pads and a 3400RPM drill.


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        LOL! Ok, roger that. I'll keep an eye on this thread and wait to see who can tell you exactly how long you need to polish. This should be educational.

        The point was that spending one tenth the time polishing as was spent sanding does not sound like a reasonable ratio. Not to mention the fact that you give absolutely no indication of what it is you are trying to polish.

        Of course I'm not the most experienced polisher in the world, but the people who are paying me hundreds of dollars each to do it don't seem to mind much.

        And BTW, making you feel all warm and fuzzy isn't exactly a priority. Good luck, "picasso".


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          well i thought this would be an easy answer


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            till your sanding scratches are out.


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              Metal polishing is not a job that can be done by the kitchen egg timer. You sand, buff or polish until the desired finish is achieved. You can do the same job by hand or by different machines but it won't be done in the same time. mpierich tried to tell you that you would get to where you want to go faster in a Ferrari than on a bicycle. SS