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    I have an aluminum superstructure on my boat that holds a canvas top. It is a 1.25\" tubing framing that is 12\'x14\'x7\' high. It is badly pitted from years of salt water. Iam not looking to make it perfect but would like to clean it up. A brushed aluminum look would be acceptable. The boat yard suggested that I paint it but I am worried that it will flake off and look even worst in a couple of years. It also has an electronics enclosure, a box 6\'x2\'x1\' that could use some help also. My current plans are to put a couple of day labors on it with some scotch brites and WD40 then finishing up a generic metal polish(blue magic). My surfaces are tubing and then flat plates for the box. Access to 9\" polishing/grinder is avaivable. Any suggestions would be helpfull. Methods to protect it would be helpfull also.

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    Re: Large Marine Project

    Well, the fastest and in my opinion best way to do this is to use your polisher/grinder, some buffing wheels and compound on this. You\'ll find it polishes up quickly and easily.

    You\'ll need:

    6\" Spiral Sewn Cotton Wheels
    6\" Sisal Wheels
    1 Bar Black Compound
    1 Bar Brown Compound

    Start with the sisal wheel and the black compound. When the part looks like it\'s close to perfect, move to the Spiral Sewn wheel and the brown compound.

    To protect the finish, you could paint it with a clearcoat. It\'s unlikely that our VHT Clearcoat product will chip or peel off.

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