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  • help!

    ok so ive been working on learning how to polish for a little while. and i am getting better but i am trying to get it perfect.
    i hit a piece of aluminum with a sisal/black(i normally never do but i was gonna resand it anyways)it took of the haze i problem i was haveing but it left alot of scratches in the metal. i switched to black on a stitch and it shined a little but did not get rid of the scratches from the sisal.

    so i guess my question is does compunds acutally remove scratches or just help blend them in?. should i continue to work the black/stitch or just start over and resand?.

    also i currentley sand to 1500 if i were to sand to 3000 will it increase the shine or would it be just a waste of time?.

    i know one of my problems is i hate wet sanding what is the highest grit i have to go to get perfect results?.

    im sorry its alot of questions. but any help/advice will be greatfull.

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    The final steps are sometimes the hardest. My biggest problem is dropping the part on the last step. I only use sisal/black to rough out a part. If your sanding to finer than 400 to 600 grit your are backing up with the sisal/black. Try a spiral sewn /brown after you sand to 1500. Black is a little coarse. I've had good results wet sanding to 600 then going to splral/brown. Most of my parts are aluminum to be anodized. From doing body work, anything after 1500 other than real fine buffing compound is working backwards. Its a curse to be a perfectionist, I can thank my mom for that. good luck. SS