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  • Sisal wheel question

    Ok I have a pretty stupid question, but I am compelled to ask as I am learning. Is a sisal wheel directional? Reason I ask is that we put a wheel on the polisher and when I went to apply a greaseless compoud to the wheel it started to come apart, that is long strands started to come out, and it looked like a mowhawk haircut. I cut the strands and tried again, but the same thing happened. Any ideas why this might have happened. I am curious if I was doing something wrong or if I might have a defective wheel. The polisher is a 1 1/2 hp baldor, trying to give as much info as possible. Thank you


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    I don't believe sisals are directional or they should be marked as so. I haven't had that problem before. Maybe a strand every now and then but nothing serious. Have you made a PRS report? Maybe too much Horse power. LOL.


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      im a newbie also and when i went to load up greasless or from a bar i immediatly saw some fraying and stuff flying, and i about panicked thinking i was doing somethin horribly wrong so came back here to recheck and somewhere found someone saying that was normal and to just keep with it and get the compound heated up enough to load it to the wheel, i also thought something was wrong with the compound, it was dryed out or something , so i think i still have some lil chunks soaking in water in a bowl in my garage


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        I have well-used sisal wheels, and pieces still fly off them from time to time - nothing unusual.

        Regular polishing compounds shouldn't dry out, they are made with grease, and water will have no effect on them. However, greaseless compounds do dry up and should be kept wrapped in plastic with a wad of wet paper towel (someone said they use Pringles cans, an excellent idea).