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My new best friend!!!!!!

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  • My new best friend!!!!!!

    I'll never buy another piece of sand paper again! My order with some 400 grit greaseless and a couple of felt bobs arrived today. All I can say is if you ain't got none, then git some. I'm using a couple of 4" spiral wheels (together) and a pnuematic die grinder with the felt bobs and they work great. After reading a few rants about the felt bobs getting demolished in no time, I turned the pressure regulator down on the reciever tank to roughly 30lbs so it's not running WFO. My next order with the 80 grit will be here soon. Now it's off to order more felt bobs and more greaseless.


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    That greasless is great. One tip I have is if you're using it on a wheel, a haidryer works well to speed up the drying time of the binder. Would also help harden up your felt bobs faster. In my opinion you have hit on a good use for the bobs - when I try them w/buffing compound they load up instantly and become near-useless.

    Another great alternative to your method is the cartridge rolls, which for some reason I don't think Caswell carries yet. I got some from 80 to 320 and if you use grinder's grease w/them they are fantastic, especially the tapered ones.

    And don't forget about setup wheels where you roll a spiral wheel in glue and then in loose abrasive and let it harden. This makes a wonderful grinding wheel, semi-flexible but won't mush into tight areas like the greaseless wheels can. Best part is you can make grinders out of anything, from felt bobs to Dremel wheels to 10" metal-eaters.

    Have fun.


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      I'll have to try the hair dryer trick. I saw some cartridge rolls the other day and thought about ordering some, guess I'll do that . I haven't tried the setup wheels either, mainly because I haven't had the need yet. I'll keep them in mind also. Thanks.