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Intake Manifold Polishing

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  • Intake Manifold Polishing

    Hello,I would like some advice on polishing aluminum intakes.I would like add this service to my current business of selling chrome & polished pieces I buy already finished.I\'d like know what would need as far as equipment and compounds also about how much time it takes to polish say a small block intake.Most shops here in the Southern California area charge $175.00 or more to polish an intake.So I\'m wondering if it is worth my effort to start polishing my self.I sell mail order so if anyone know the polishing prices are in you area are or any other info.Thanks very much.Dino

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    Re: Intake Manifold Polishing

    Here at Metal Man Restoration we polish Intake Manifolds and anything aluminum that you want polished on your engine!!

    We charge about 125.00 to 135.00 depending on the intake. We will also work with the person if they have more than one part that needs refinishing (heads, timing cover, etc)..... Keep in mind this task is all done by hand with a hand held buffer (Dremel or something similar with the proper attachments and compound).

    We have done this service for alot of people throughout the country. We do get quite amount of requests which usually are in the fall/winter time. I first recommend that you practice on an intake and see how it goes.

    Overall if everything goes well then I would recommend that you give this service a go ahead.. Look at what the folks at have in their catalog...

    I hope I was able to help.
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      Re: Intake Manifold Polishing

      Thanks very much for your advice.I\'m going to give it a try and post here with results.