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    here we go----
    newbie wanting to know a couple things---here is where i am at:
    have entire R1 torn apart---ordered caswell kit 4" wheels with makita drill-
    stripped with oven cleaner,,,but did not use easy off...started on swing arm with black sisal and got decent look to it besides the portion where wheel won't fit---first question---will the kit work in these areas or do i have to use the dremel next question---noticed on side that chain is on that it looks like there are spots on frame---do i need to oven clean again or can this be worked out the next question is difficult to even explain---still can see portion on frame(only in one spot on swingarm and on big portion of frame where knees touch) where it will polish with black and emery BUT i can see (almost under polish) ovals and circles that i can not get down deep enough to polish out with the compound and wheel what is this? is this where the sanding comes in and i need to start at 320 and work up to 600 before using the emory??
    do i have to sand?? or is it possible to achieve chrome-like results with just this kit my sisal wheel is half the size and have used it on total swingarm and portion of frame----i know i will have to sand the cast,,,but it seems that everything is going ok on the swingarm except the 2 issues mentioned up top......could it be in the degreasing process>?? leaving the cleaner on too long creating these under the surface blems or is this normal?? can only see these blems when turning frame under light..
    ALSO,the frame portion from neck to the cast area that is supposed to be smooth is taking forever.....this can't be right....after oven cleaner it turned white, while the square-type tubing connected to and making up the rear end turned black.......judging from the swing arm the black areas shined up alot quicker with sisal emory than did the middle portion with the white area present,,,,but with a little extra time the white came out to look like the rest----THE FRAME on the other hand is eating up the sisal and emory and will not come out to shine as the swing arm did......this area has a lot of spotting on top(like white portion on swing arm),, but these are not working out with the extra time and after staying in one area for a while, the aluminum heats up, and those spots underneath the shiny area are present again? can i get some help Again---can you achieve chrome-like without sanding---or is this the answer??!! I don't care about putting in some extra work---i just want it to look good!!
    But if i can get same results with less work I AM ALL FOR IT;;;;; was hoping i could figure it out from your threads,,, but thought i would put out what was going wrong and see if it has happened to anybody else...

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    i myself have not done a frame yet but this is what i think might be the problem. if you are getting spottingafter you try to polish all the anodize/clearcoat may not have been removed. as for the different coloring of the parts as u stripped them there is going to be a differenc between cast and tube parts. the ovals and circles are most likely dimples in the alum. as for sanding it is pretty much required. i would start at 320 and see how it goes if the alum spots go away then proceed to at least 400, if not step back to 240. if the sanding is done properly you should not need sisal at all but use spiral and black. as for the tight spots you may have to use a dremel or small felt bobs w/ a drill. if possible post some picks and we can see the problem first hand. there is a ton of expertise on this forum so stay with us. if you cant post pics send them to me in a email it should be on my profile. and lastly best of luck.
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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      thanks for the reply---going to go buy some EASY OFF and start over on the frame----as for the swing arm i will tape off and oven clean just the part with the imperfections to see if this helps---then if all else fails--go buy some sandpaper!! Also,, should the easy-off help to degrease the side with the chain on the swingarm,,,as i mentioned before that this area isn't polishing up as rest of swing??
      to explain a little better(hopefully)---when you get eyelevel on frame or swingarm and look at it---it's smooth, along with being smooth to the touch.....BUT when you look down on piece from side angle,,,you can see these imperfections almost UNDER the portion that is polished with the emory sisal wheel----i would think it has to be anodize finish left on or may possibly have to sand down to that level to remove will try to post pictures later---have to have a chick do it for me,, don't know how to do that stuff!!!!
      taking off for florida for the weekend though---so i'll start back again on tuesday of next week----anymore advice is definitely WELCOMED!!


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        If you're not having any luck with Easy-Off you might drop by an auto parts store and get a can of Aircraft Stripper. I was trying to strip some powder coating with oven cleaner. After a few failed attempts, I found some Aircraft stripper and it only took one application. Good luck!



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          easleysp is right the best i have found is made by the company mar-hyde called tal strip it is very strong, made for epoxy polamide(aircraft paint) most things only take one coat. if the temp is cold warm the part a little first. as allways wear safety gear as it is bad stuff. i was just looking at caswell site they have the same thing in spray form, check that out also.
          when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
          G2 Polishing and Powdercoating