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After 1500g sanding, and black emery, frame has black streak

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  • After 1500g sanding, and black emery, frame has black streak

    I sanded my frame down starting at 120 up to 1500. Then I used the Sisal Wheel, and the black emery to buff it. I then cleaned it. Then, I used the next wheel down, and the brown Tripoli. When I was done, I noticed that although I got it pretty shiny, there was some black or dark streaks in the frame. I am using a very tired drill, with a standard Caswell 4" Sisal wheel. If I put too much on, and had it way too slow, would that give me these results? There are absolutely no scratches in it now, because I have went over this darn thing twice from 600 up. So, has anyone heard of this? I can provide a very detailed picture if that would help. Thank you very much guys, I appreciate your time.
    Josh mcallister
    Rub a dub duv, a' polishin' with luv

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    Well I'm no pro myself, but maybe I can help. It sounds like compound residue to me. From my experience you are going to get some residue, especially with a sisal/emery combo. If you sanded all the way to 1500, might try going with a spiral/emery and skip the sisal. Usually you can stop at 600 with the sanding and still use the spiral/emery with good results. If you don't see any scratches, you did good. You should be able to clean the residue off with a degreaser, such as Simple Green, and go to the next wheel/compund. WIth emery apply small amounts every so often. And the faster the better with the wheel. Check out the "Buffman" how-to book on here, lots of good pointers there. Good luck.

    P.S. Check out the "Motorcycle frame polishing 101" thread on here too.


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      I had the same problem when I started out - I thought I was "burning" the metal. It is almost certainly residue and will come right off with the right cleaner. I usually wipe it down with acetone followed by a clean paper towel - the acetone dissolves the grease instantly. When you're all finished clean it one last time then go over it by hand with Flitz or another metal polish.

      BTW, if you are using really fine sanpaper, skip the sisal wheel - I only use that when I'm lazy and don't want to go back to sanding out scratches. If you're careful sisal can really help level the surface, but it is more than you need for finish polishing.


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        One problem down, on to the next!!! But making progress!!!!

        Hey, thanks alot guys! I went home, rebuffed with the Sisal/Emery combo, with the drill at the higher speed, cleaned the pad often with a blade, and applyied the Emery VERY sparingly. This took care of all of the black streaks I saw! Then I read these two posts. Since I used Sisal after the 1500, is that why there is now cloudy looking portions of my frame? It all looks pretty shiny after I used the Spiral/Brown Tripoli, but not a mirror, and now of course the cloudy spots. So, I will resand the 1500, and go straight to the Spiral/brown....
        As usual, Thank you all for the priceless advice.
        Josh Mcallister
        Rub a dub duv, a' polishin' with luv


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          I think I did it thanks to you guys!

          Well, it looks like I did it! I went home, used the Black/Spiral, twice, once up and down, then once back and forth. Then I moved to another Spiral wheel with the Brown Tripoli. I did this about three times. I now have almost a mirror finish! I can see that I need to speed up the drill (mine is very old, and Im using it so much that now there is about 1/4 of play in the shaft!) I spent a long time researching what I needed to do, and, I think if someone does that, They too can get these results! Believe me, I never thought I coulkd do it!
          Here is the formula that worked for me:
          36 grit disc sanded with air grinder (NEVER EVER DO THIS!!!!!!)
          180 grit wet sand
          320 grit wet sand
          400 grit wet sand
          600 grit wet sand
          1500 grit wet sand (yah, I know a bug jump, my store here sucks!)
          I did the 1500 grit twice
          Spiral wheel and Black Emery, twice over
          New Spiral wheel and Brown Tripoli three times, alternating ways of buff
          hand polished with the liquid white rouge.
          Tools were:
          Very tired old drill with two speeds. (Use high always with a drill)
          lots of old shirts
          Of course the 4" Aluminum Polish kit from Caswell!
          Lots of sanding, patince, and reading, reading, reading here!!!
          And, I must say, thank you all for the advice.
          I will post pictures tomorrow!
          Rub a dub duv, a' polishin' with luv


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            Hope this picture works!!!!

            This is what it look like so far
            Rub a dub duv, a' polishin' with luv


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              Maybe this link will work!!

              Rub a dub duv, a' polishin' with luv


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                hey--quick question for ya
                when you did your wetsanding, did you do this by hand, use electric hand sander, or use drill like with your 4" buffs you purchased from caswell??


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                  Hand sanding

                  I was a glutton for punishment! I sanded everything by hand, or with a sanding block. It really wasnt that bad. This also is a really good way to make damn sure you have gotten all the previous scratches out. I have found that this is very important! When you get to the end, you will have some nice dull scratches under your shine. Not good.
                  Also with sanding by hand, I was able to change directions easily.
                  I hope this helps..
                  Rub a dub duv, a' polishin' with luv