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  • New guy posting pictures

    I just posted some pictures of my first polishing job. I polised the frame and wheels of my 01' Yamaha YZF-R1.

    I had a great time over the long Michigan winter with this project. The frame was a real joy to work with, but those rims are a different story.

    I'd love some feed back.

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    Nice work! Nice ride too. It looks like the wheels are stock, yes? Are they Brembo? I thought about polishing my wheels on my Monster and they are Brembo. Kinda worried about pitting since they are cast. Later on.



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      feedback? for what ? it speaks for itself bro. the job is outstanding. as for the long michigan winter didnt it suck, it still seems like its not over. seriously though the polish is tight, keep up the great work and maybe we can hook up and compare notes. i am in ann arbor area. send me an e-mail.
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        Very nice! I've been polishing a lot of those type of wheels lately, and it ain't getting any easier, lol. Nice job on the frame, too.

        None of the wheels I've done showed any pores/pitting whatsoever. Perhaps they have more stringent manufaturing specs for these rather important items.


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          Thanks everyone... I'm happy with the results on the frame.

          The wheels were very difficult to do. They are stock rims. I found that my local hardware store carried some 2" dia. disks that worked like brillo pads. They have an adapter that will attach to any drill. The brillo disks took the pits from the casting right out no problem. To be honest, most of the remainder of the sanding I did by hand. Mostly because I wasn't happy with the results from all the different tooling I tried.