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mirror polishish on copper

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  • mirror polishish on copper

    I have been polishing copper plate to a mirror finish and I can achive a very high pollish. I use tripoli on a loose flanel buff and fabuluster as an intermeadiate finishing with jewlers rouge all with 6\" flanel buffs. As light as my touch is in the final polish I can\'t get rid of or reduce the fine scrtaches left by the final prosses. Is there a softer buff or method to remove these sratches? I have most recently been experimenting hand buffing with a leather shamy streched over a board board with rouge.

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    Re: mirror polishish on copper

    Have you tried a spiral sewn cotton buff with tripoli?

    If there are scratches in your part, you need a compound with some abrasive to cut the scratches out.

    Rouges don\'t have abrasive, so won\'t remove scratches.
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      Re: mirror polishish on copper

      I am not refering to deep scatches, but the haze left by even the sofest buffs I\'ve used. I can achive a nice mirror finish but when held at an angle the marks left by the buff are quite evident. Thanks