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Polishing aluminum camper siding.

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  • Polishing aluminum camper siding.

    I recently bought a 25' 1969 camper trailer and the exterior siding is aluminum. A good chunk of that is unpainted, (the entire front and 4ft stripe down each side) I want to polish all of the unpainted areas, but I'm unsure how to go about it.

    I've been using an all-metal polish that I got at a local auto body supply store, and it works alright, but it takes forever -- even with my little orbital buffer. Whats the best choice of tool and compound for this large of a job?

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    get your self a high speed buffer like tehe ones used to buff car's at the detail shop. them orbit polishers are not good for anything other than pulling wax off your car.

    and caswell got a liquid white compound. give that a try.

    when i detail planes i use carnbua wax on the shell of them and they shine ..