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i'm back--HELP--aluminum motorcycle

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  • i'm back--HELP--aluminum motorcycle

    need help!! have sanded all down to 600 grit---polished out using every method i can devise or have read on this site---- i still get a burn or haze effect in the end....but this is only in certain areas=---others are shining up perfect--can't figure out.....
    i got my heel guards finished and they are acceptable---i used black/spiral, then brown/spiral, then white(bar)/ soft wheel and blue magic polish with toilet paper---turned out great.....
    then to frame and swingarm---same process results with this burn or haze at certain angles---but when you look directly into from a couple inches away--i can see my pretty face perfect!!
    but as we know--nobody else will be up that close,, you see the bike from a distance and can see this i decided to switch things up--cleaned up and re-sanded with 600 grit to remove(hopefully) all residue/wax, polish and began to polishe with brown/spiral, then tried white rouge(liquid)/soft, then blue magic--still hazey
    then tried brown/spiral, red/spiral and red/soft, then wenol polish--still not better......
    have about lost it----took swingarm and sprayed down with oven cleaner again cause i thought it had to be a build-up of all of the top combinations used-----i am going to start over and try again, but before i do----are there any suggestions-----one other thought i had was instead of using oven cleaner, spraying simple green over areas that are hazy to get rid of this haze--would this work?? need some help asap---trying to get bike together before i move for florida--this is holding up my paint job!!

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    just one more quick thought or question---i went back and refreshed through polishing 101----when he says wipe off as to not contaminate the next wheel-----what do you use----i have been using simple green and water mixture---should i skip the water and use simple green by itself or something else---maybe this is my problem
    may buy new wheels and start over fresh----
    polishing 101 says:
    black, then brown, then red, then white-----guess i haven't used this one yet---i have been leaving out one or the other----but i gotta figure that burn is coming from something


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      what is the specs on your buffer? it may be a speed issue. also a few of us on this board do not use brown on alum. we just sand to about 600-800 then wheel with spiral/black then loose/ white. as for clean up between steps that is needed. i use simple green and hot water or brake clean. also if you can get a pic of the problem to show what is happening that would help loads.
      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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        to clean the compound off i use a degreaser then hot soapy water and blow it dry with compressed air don't let it dry on.. if you clean the part good the water will sheet off of the part