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a few polished parts Better than chrome !!!

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  • a few polished parts Better than chrome !!!

    what ya think?

    All the polishing was done by hand

    i uses 0000 steel wool and firtz polish i got a sample from caswell a while back ..

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    Looks good from here.


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      dang chuck that is shiiiiiney. the powder looks good too did you do that as well? i thought you got out of the polish game?
      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
      G2 Polishing and Powdercoating


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        Great job on a cool looking wheel. Pick, money talks brother, even for a pro. Later on.



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          yep i did the powder to .... i tryed to pack up all my polishing stuff but i i got it in my blood. i just could not let it sit there any more

          here is another :


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            What did you use to polish the "half-circle" concave part. I have similar cut out shape on my Supra valve covers.


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              the valve cover .. I glassed beaded Grease less then took a sprial with black tore it up. the recess's i use felt bobs and facer buff's on a air die grinder ...

              with the glass bead you can get away with a quick polish the total time on that valve cover from raw to done around 1/2 hr...

              Customer paid 70.00 to have it done .. that pic don't help it any. i took it with a cheap camera ...


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                Chuck..I have heard that using steel wool will load up in the aluminum making the tiny bits of steel that got imbedded rust over time...I haven't seen it yet, but just throwing some info your way!...LOOKS GOOD!

                Polishing and Motocycle customization