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little cracks and small corners, etc?

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  • little cracks and small corners, etc?

    Ok, did my first polishing job last weekend. Just the ends of a valve cover. Turned out real nice.

    Bead blasted clean with 80 grit. then went to 120-220-400-800-1000-2000 using a small orbital hand sander. Then used a automotive polishing liquid compund with a 4 inch polishing wheel. Came out great.

    This was all flat... if I try to something else that isnt so flat... like a whole valve cover that is FAR from flat... how the heck do I go about that?

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    i just finished a set of edelbrocks a couple weeks back and the way you described should be the same for all over. the only thing to be careful on is the corners. with a power sander it will screw up the contour lines in a hurry if not careful. i personally have a regular buffing machine so my procedure is a little different. go ahead and try it whats the worst that can happen
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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      Hmmm... maybe I dont have an orbital sander. Its a little flat palm sander... 4x4 inch square surface. Cant get into the small spots, dips, etc.

      If the surface is flat.. no problem.

      Maybe I need a bench top buffing wheel?


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        palm sanders are great .. but you need to get down and dirty with some greaseless or hand sanding to make it shine.... 80 is to harsh ... rebead it with #8 or 10 wet sand it then polishing it you should be ok from there .. but that auto wax is not good for what you are doing ... buy a started kit and you will love it