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Polishing cast aluminum motorcycle engine cases.

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  • Polishing cast aluminum motorcycle engine cases.

    I saw the tutorial on polishing out th em/c frames,buts that easy. Some one show & tell us how do do the engine cases of vontage Harleys.I started a set and have about 8 hours in them. The parts that are easy to get to are looking good,but what the hell do ya use to get into tight areas?

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    mutt the best place to start is the recesses then work out to the flats. as for the tools to use i have had good luck on my harley engine using cartridge rolls to start with this will knock down the casting roughness and give you a surface to use the bobs on.
    i had the same luck with greaseless as you the first time out. it takes a few times of charging the wheels with this stuff to get it to work. it also will shred right off if you run the wheel up to an edge in the cut motion. also it works decent on the felt bobs. i also have found that emory on bobs works good if using a high speed die grinder turned down about 1/3 from max speed. as for having 8 hours in them that is not bad. if they were/are factory cast finish it should take between 12-20 hrs to get a show shine with all the hard to reach places. dont give up yet. best of luck bro, and post pics in the album when you get done so we can all see.
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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