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Polishing Aluminum with new polisher?

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  • Polishing Aluminum with new polisher?

    After 6 months of trying to polish aluminum parts using my shop grinder and 6 inch pads I finally threw in the towel and purchased a ¾ HP 3450 RPM polishing unit and 8 inch pads from Caswell. I don’t know why I waited so long. Now that I can apply pressure to the work just how much pressure and heat am I looking for. And when I say heat, right now I feel the aluminum heat up through my raw hide gloves. Should I apply less pressure or buy new thicker gloves?

    I’m usually posting on the Anodizing forum and I was planning on anodizing the aluminum port lights (sail boat window frames) that I’m polishing right now but unless I apply a very thin ano coating on the frames I’ll dull the shine. So I bought the junior Zoop Seal kit and was surprised that after opening the large box that only 4 very small bottles dropped out. Does this stuff really work as well as advertised? Any hints as to how to apply it or are the instructions that come with the kit dead on. Thanks.

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    If you're just able to feel the metal heat up and not getting any discoloration I'd say you're alright. My thinkin' is if the metal's not turning color, keep on truckin'. The more heat the better.
    As far as the Zoop seal goes, I have no FHE with it. From what I've read it's supposed to be good stuff. Post some pic's and let us know how it looks after you use it. Later on.



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      on the zoopseal website it has a step by step application guide on a set of rims, very detailed. as for the heat build up i use a large machine the gives about 9000sfm w/10"wheels. i get a lot of heat. i use leather palm gloves and when it starts to get hot through the gloves i know i am about right. the trick is to get the part hot and use the compound to do the work. as the compound is grease based it will melt away and the grit will start to cut. as for pressure on the wheel you will find the sweet spot with time. hang on tight and tear it up. polishing is not a science it is and art, and you have to find the technique that is best for you and the equipment you have. best of luck bro, and keep us posted.
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        be careful with that zoops stuff....I havent' applied it myself, but i have seen first hand what it looks like if you don't prep correctly!. You'll leave all kinds of streaks in the surface and will be difficult to remove. It'll look like you wiped it with an oily rag....only it'll "cure" that way!.....Follow the directions word for word and you should be A-OK...but like I said, I have only SEEN it used!.... Good luck, let us know how it turns out!!!!! Dave S.

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