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stretch marks and hidden letters

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  • stretch marks and hidden letters

    I'm working on honda civc valve cover for some time i've been having problems with two things i removed the word honda from the top of the cover and leveled off flat and the word honda is now ghosted in there, and then i guess what you call stretch marks where the metal is two different colors kinda looked like somebody splashed acid on it and i clear coated over it. I've really gone over board tried several wheel combos, and been very aggressive starting at 36grit up to 600 and they won't go away what is the answer?

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    well bro welcome to the world of problem castings. when working with cast alum. you may find that the metal, even though you use the same process throughout, will yeild different finish. i have had the same problems. i hate to say it but there may not be a fix. as for the "stretch marks" you can only do the best that you can as for the different colors it is due to the casting process( cold spots while pouring/injecting). about the "ghosting" of the letters i have not experienced that but would guess that it is along the same lines. if you cannot geet the finish you are looking for then i recommend plating or powder coating.
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      HONDA that should tell you right there..
      No just jokeing i am a life long honda owner ...

      But the casting of that valve cover had 2 types of mix

      the part that look's great and the part that will haunt you..

      from what i found out about the honda metal it that it is best to coat of chrome. they use a softer metal and the mixture is good and you get less out gassing.


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        what about like stamped sheet metal i have a couple of projects coming up with aluminum fenders on a truck i'm a little worried about stretch marks from it being stamped. can you blend or get rid of them somehow? I've seen this before on my grill that i got bored and polished the lid.