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First time with greaseless!

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  • First time with greaseless!

    Well, I finally got around to buying some greaseless, and I was kinda p.o'ed about it at first. I was using a cylindrical firm felt bob and it really didn't seem to have the "cut" that I was expecting, so I just kept trying. After reloading the bob 4 or 5 times, i found that not only did it last longer, but it seemed to cut better...SWEET!!!!!! it was getting late so after reloading a few more times, i decided to call it a night. Is there anything in particular that I need to look for (besides patience?)......Keep Shinin'...Dave S.

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    Re: First time with greaseless!

    If you can get the part to a buffer and use different wheels and compounds it will help with the speed. My preference is the black/ sisal then brown/loose and even white/cotton. If you start with a good grinding before you start polishing is also a must, but I like flapper wheels and 3M disk. Sometimes you can start with a fine glass or sand in a sand blaster before you start grinding, but the most part is a lot of patience.