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re-nickel plating a NCR cash register

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  • re-nickel plating a NCR cash register

    Well, I may have taken on more than I can handle but I figure it wouldn't hurt to do a little research to see. Here's the deal, I bought a nickel plated brass NCR cash register made in 1914. I would like to restore it and the first step will be the nickel plating. The plating is worn in several places and in missing totally in others. It was painted gold when I found it.

    What I think I know so far. The nickel needs to be removed and the brass polished so the new nickel plating will look polished. What would be the best approach at removing the nickel plating? Using a greaseless compound of some grit? and polishing the brass when the nickel is gone? Or should I start with maybe black emery bar?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: re-nickel plating a NCR cash register

    There's no need to remove the nickle. I would just activate the nickle with either 10% sulfuric or by buffing it a little bit and then go to the acid copper to build/fill/polish then nickle then chrome.