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    I am new to the polishing hobby but have always wanted to do it. So after reading the caswell handbook thoroughly i had enough guts to attempt some polishing. I decided that i wanted to do my turbo housing for my truck. I took some pics from the beginning and i am going to keep posting them as time goes on. Maybe we can all learn from this? Maybe i just want to show off! LOL! Anyway here ya go!!

    This was the pic in the beginning with nothing done but some experimenting on the inlet. Stage 1

    This was a shot after i hit the housing with a dremel to knock down the casting lines and bumps. I also ground down the numbers. I think i want to keep the mitsubishi word. I don't know why but...?? Stage 2

    I think there will be more stage two to come. This seems to be the longest step. I need to find some sorta pointy bit to get in the recessed area? How do those bobs work?

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    Felt Bobs

    The felt bobs mount on an electric drill. They work in much the same way as a buffing wheel. Apply compound to the bob in small applications, then polish, then re-apply.

    Also like buffing wheels, large size bobs cover more area, but turn at a lower speed.
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      ok i am running into a problem. The recessed area that you see, i CANNOT get there! It's driving me nuts. I have tried the bullets with 80 grit stuck to it to try and smoothe it out for polishing. It just falls off the bob. I have tried it by hand but it's too small for me to get a good movement going. Help...