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Tip of the day - cartridge rolls

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  • Tip of the day - cartridge rolls

    I use a lot of tapered cartridge rolls, but I was unhappy with the amount of use I got out of one before they wore down to the end of the mandrel - which can ruin your work pretty quick.

    So, I took a spare mandrel (they're cheap) and cut it down. A pair of dykes cut it easily, then I ground the jagged end smooth.

    Now I throw my used rolls in a separate box and when my supply runs low, I switch to the short mandrel and keep going. I get at least twice the use out of a roll that way.

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    Re: Tip of the day - cartridge rolls

    We use to make our own cartridge roll arbors in the machine shop without the ends to get more from the rolls and to get into radi corners by using one that was worn to where it was almost a ball nose. The tip by mpierich does allow you to use a roll down to almost nothing. SS