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Alright, somewhat new to polishing...

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  • Alright, somewhat new to polishing...

    I've been doing it awhile by hand, but have decided to step up to buffers and such.

    I usually take cast items and attempt to turn them smooth and shiny.
    So I need something equal to 220 grit or so to get the cast off.

    Do the greaseless compounds work well? Quickly?

    I'll be running a 1 1/2hp buffer so, I'm assuming 8 or 10" wheels won't be a problem. So I figure I'll get around 4-8 of each buffing wheels, both the greaseless compounds and standard compound starter kits, a set of felt bobs, is there anything else recommended?

    The expander wheel system? Certain buffing wheels?

    anything I need to also have or know.


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    Greaseless is very fast cutting compound. Use it with a Sisal or Spiral Sewn wheel.

    What you plan to order sounds like everything you'll need.
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