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Sand blaster leaking

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  • Sand blaster leaking

    Hello folks, I am having a brutal time seting up my new sandblaster "Cyclone" Model PK36

    It leaks from every orifice it seems

    I cannot find any schematics on how to properly set it up. I think when we set it up we have forgot a major step.

    The products in the cabinet are very difficult to see as well.

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    Re: Sand blaster leaking

    Caulk it. Of course it's hard to see, there's a fricking sand storm inside there.


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      Re: Sand blaster leaking

      Cyclone's tech support line is 269-782-9670. They'd be glad to help.
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        Re: Sand blaster leaking

        I have the Cyclone also, 48"? wide cabinet in blue, Without a good shop vac added to the side of that monster it is most definately a Cyclone.. a DUST cyclone..

        TIP: The hole on the left rear side is also the same size hole used on the port of a shop-vac, So IF you can find another hose at the dump then get it!, the tower system that came with mine was horrible.. Just Waaaay too small for the size cabinet its hooked up to..

        That little aluminum vent on the other side just LOVES to close up and restrict any air coming in.. So remove it and cover the holes with a screen or something that doesnt close so easily.

        Two other thoughts is using a new product out called Star-Blast from 3M, Instead of coal bits (like Black Beauty is) Star-Blast is a derivitave of Titanium. - Basically it's just Titanium sand at particular grades.

        Wash out your cabinet SPOTLESS and try this stuff.. You will LOVE it.., #2 would be glass-bead.

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