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  • Aluminum Polishing

    I used the stripper and it worked great! I went through all the different compounds and wheels, but it still doesnt come out that good, I am using a small garage compressor, and my grinder slows way down as the air expels. Do I need more air to bear down more on the wheel? It seems to come a little more shiny if I have a good speed. It also seems to leave compound on the wheel, I can rub it with my finger and smear it.

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    Re: Aluminum Polishing

    A 80 gal. compressor will keep up with you most of the time but if you can get some 3M disk, med. and fine, then go to a sisal wheel with black compound, will help make the job faster and easier. This is the steps that I use on most of my aluminum and steel.


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      Re: Aluminum Polishing


      The trick to polishing is the speed of your buffing wheel and the heat of the metal you are buffing. When you reach that sweet spot it will come out nice and shiny the way you want it.
      You don't say what you are polishing?



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        Re: Aluminum Polishing

        Iam polishing aluminum wheels....they are only exposed on the outer ring, the rest is painted, I figured I didnt have enough wheel speed, I tried an electric drill and it almost came out, with more applied pressure, but I didnt want to burn up the drill....