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Question on Sheet metal

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  • Question on Sheet metal

    This might be a dumb question but is there any way to polish regular mild steel? i have a cone-shaped spike for my bike i made out of 20 gauge sheet metal and want to have a shiny base so i can paint over it with transperant red spray paint. It looked alright with a spray chrome under the trans. red but would look much better if the metal was polished and then painted over.

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    Re: Question on Sheet metal

    the simple answer is yes all metal can be polished. the amount of work involved may make it cost prohibitive. the best way to start out is to sand it down as smooth as you can get it with a da or palm sander and up to 320 grit paper. then move to wet sanding with 400 grit. i personally go past 600 unless it is on show stainless work. then you can start to wheel it out. if you went to 600 then i would start with a vented wheel and emory. work this combo until it has a good shine. then move to spiral and tripoli. finally spiral with white and loose with white. hope this helps bro.
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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      Re: Question on Sheet metal

      Well it all depends on what equipment you have to work with and the finish you are looking for .
      For a mild carbon steel I use the following
      a 3500rpm polishing mtr .
      Rope spiral wheel with black compound
      cloth spiral wheel with brown compound
      cloth spiral wheel with white compound
      loose cotton wheel with blue compound
      loose cotton wheel for buffing
      Caswells offers a great online book to help you with this process here
      Jim Eaton