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Vibratory polishing steel question

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  • Vibratory polishing steel question

    I am building a large vibratory tumbler and need it for polishing steel. I need to do a few steel motorcycle frames for chrome plating.
    What medias would be the best to get it from sandblasted to preplate(or I dont mind doing a color buff I just would like to cut out around 80% of the hand work)?
    Would small ceramic triangles, then plastic triangles(with soapy water)followed by corncob(soaked in metal polish then dried) leave me in good shape? Anybody?

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    Re: Vibratory polishing steel question

    I have some plans that I drew up on paper but have not put them to use yet, but if you get very big you need a gear box for what every motor your going to use. The tumbler that I am thinking of is a 5 gal. bucket for the holding unit and just some square tubing for frame work, and I got a electric motor that someone gave me and some pulleys but I would have to play with the proper pulley ratio for the correct speed of the bucket.