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Home-made large Vibratory Tumbler Thead

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    Re: Home-made large Vibratory Tumbler Thead

    Originally posted by cdaeme View Post
    Timmer, I have my brother working on the design now. He is a design engineer for a company that makes aspalt plants. We have already designed a custom blast cabinet and Auto-Rotisserie and he knows his **** and has access to cheap steel. I will be building one of these over the next few weeks, and will post up some drawings for suggestions. It will be based off the design here Home Brewed vibratory finisher - Ultimate Machinist Community . This looks like it would do one full length header at a time. I will keep you posted. I just passed along the pics to him today so it will take a couple of days to get it moving along.

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    Did you ever get those plans drawn up..

    Im still looking for ideas on a 55 gallon tumbler for ceramic coating