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cant remove film to start polishing

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  • cant remove film to start polishing

    i have a cover off a rear wheel from a motorcycle ( 88 honda magna)
    it is metal, i dont know what kind, or how to tell, but it had a clear coat or laquer finish on it. i cant get it off.
    i tried sprays and strippers.
    and sanding with 80 grit on a hand sander worked, but because the wheel cover is convex, the sander is not getting it all easily, and if i push any harder, it is going to leave DEEP grooves.

    if y'all cant help, i am thinking my only option is chroming it ( because it looks so bad right now) it is smooth, just very blotchy. 75% of the coating is off, i just dont what to do about the rest of it.
    maybe i should just keep trying to hand sand it?
    there has to be a product.

    i will either post a pic later tonight


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    Re: cant remove film to start polishing

    if its aluminum(probably) it may be anodized. if so try spraying it down heavy with easy off oven cleaner and see what happens. if it is ano it will be removed if not you are only out a few bucks and some more time.
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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      Re: cant remove film to start polishing

      Have you have tried the aircraft stripper? It has always worked for me. Sometimes it will take multiple applications. If you are sanding, you need to drop to a 180 grit. Another option would be to have it beaded.


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        Re: cant remove film to start polishing

        just confirmed, it is anodized.
        where do i get aircraft stipper?


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          Re: cant remove film to start polishing

          You can get aircraft stripper at most auto parts or big box stores. If it is anodize, you can use Easy Off oven cleaner like Pickle said. Anodize can be removed by anything acidic or base. SS


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            Re: cant remove film to start polishing

            Cantex, Aircraft remover or "stripper" will not strip anodizing off of aluminum. The anodizong process is not really a coating at all, it is a process that actually colors the surface of the aluminum and "seals it" making a very durable barrier. To remove this, the best way is either doing what pickle said and deal with the fumes, OR use sodium hydroxide mixed with distilled water. BE CAREFUL USING THIS!!!! you can ruin the part if it is soaked too long. You can check to see if the part is anodized using a DMM (multimeter). Set it to continuity (the beep)...and hold the leads to the part. Anodizing is actually an insulator, and you should not hear a beep. After the part is soaked (you will see some discoloration) you should hear a beep if the coating is removed! Have fun and good luck! Do a search on flea bay for sodium hyroxide

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              Re: cant remove film to start polishing

              dude, thats exactly this info i was loooking for.
              the part did go a milky color after i used easy off ( i had some at home)
              but still didnt remove all the anodizing.
              i will try the sodium hydroxide, or else you may be getting a part to polish....