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More Wheel Polishing help needed!

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  • More Wheel Polishing help needed!

    I started working on my wheels. I have wetsanded to 600 grit, and I had a very even finish. So I started working with the black compound and a 4" spiral sewn wheel with my drill (running at 3100 rpms). Now I'm getting alot of uneven scratches and swirl marks. Is this normal? Do I use only cutting motions with the black, or should I do both cut and colour motions? Will these swirls come out? Or will I have to go back and wetsand at 800 grit? Keep in mind that I'm not done with the black, I have to even out the finish some more. Thanks for your help!

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    Re: More Wheel Polishing help needed!


    Your going in the right direction. You should try to buff in one direction then change directions to 90 degrees from the original way you buffed. The temperature and pressure are your best friend. When the aliminum reaches the right temperature it will take the swirls out. DON'T keep your buff on one spot to long as you will burn the aluminum, just keep it moving. I guess you could call that the "sweet spot", when the heat and pressure applied to the metal will start to make it shine. You'll know when you get there.
    The sisal/emery will leave swirl marks but you will see a shine, they will be finer than the 600 grit sanding. When you reach that spot its time to change to a sewn buff and either Stainless of Tripoli buffing compound, then to loose and white compound.

    Keep us posted.



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      Re: More Wheel Polishing help needed!

      looks like not enough pressure and/or heat. also i dont know how often you are rakeing the wheel but be sure to do this about every third time you apply compound. use the compound sparingly, but frequently. the idea is to get the compound which is grease based to melt, which releases more of the abrasive. if the swirls dont go away then try something with a little more power. some drills have the speed needed but not enough torque to spin the wheels when you start to bear down. just my 2 cents bro hope it helps.
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