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Abrasive cabinet for sanding?

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  • Abrasive cabinet for sanding?

    I was wondering if i use aluminum oxide beads in an abrasive cabinet will that sand the part for me rather than using paper?

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    It will bead blast the part. Bead blasting results in a satin, matte finish. Bead blasting quickly removes rust, paint etc. without being as abrasive as sand blasting or sanding.
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      Yes i understand that the finish will look the way that you described. Although on the website they had aluminum oxide in different grits as well as sand, glass bead, i was wondering if i ran the aluminum oxide through it not the glass bead etc. would it take down the casting pimples?


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        It can't do it. Even though it'll claim as low as 40 grit, it won't do any damage to casting marks.


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          Media Blasting with Aluminum oxide

          Check out my site, in particular, the gallery on media blasting as there is a BMW rim I blasted with aluminum oxide and glass bead. Although aluminum oxide (#6 used) is much coarser than glass bead it will not remove dimples or rough cast. It is great for removing paint, rust etc on items you do not want polish ie. bike frame etc. as it will increase your sanding/finishing time.
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