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stripping rims of clear

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  • stripping rims of clear

    hello again,

    I have a grand am wheel and an alero wheel to practice on. what are the tricks to using easy off oven cleaner? need some help, first time i'm attempting this process!

    thanks for the input, keep the shiney side up! M.F.

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    Re: stripping rims of clear

    best way i have found is to remove as much road grease as possible first with hot soapy water. then dry (towel or air). then spray a good solid coat of the oven cleaner on the wheel face. let set for about 30 min. then use a plastic scraper and see if the ano coat has lifted/ disolved. if the finish you are trying to remove is paint then do the same except with aircraft stripper instead of oven cleaner and cover with a large garbage bag. the plastic bag will keep the meth cloride from drying out before it fully removes the paint. then after about 30min. check the progress. hope this helps bro.
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      Re: stripping rims of clear


      really apreciate the info, its nice to know that there are still people out that will give you info when needed and this forum looks like to the place to get it!
      this site, caswell and the people that have helped me out this last week seem to be a nice bunch of guys and or girls and i will continue to read this forum! thanks again, M.F.