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Need hellp with scratches on centercaps

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  • Need hellp with scratches on centercaps

    Hey guys, I'm close to finished on the centercaps, BUT I have scratches my friends calls them spiderwebs and they seem to come from the buffing wheels I'm using. I'm on the white bar with the spiral sewn wheels. I then tried the white liquid rouge with a soft shammy and it looked better, but you still see small scratches. here are pics:

    I need advice on how to fix this for a present customer?

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    Re: Need hellp with scratches on centercaps

    Try going to a loose flap, or a canton flannel loose wheel with the white bar....move the part WITH the direction of the wheel, not against. and also...try and get ALL of the lines going in the same direction...that way, when light hits it, it only shows a flaw for a brief moment. The crazier the pattern gets, the more scratches there are for the light to catch!...that's why you see the scratches all of the time. I hope this helps!
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      Re: Need hellp with scratches on centercaps

      I would also use the loose cotton wheel with the white compound. Apply very minimal pressure to the part. When using a cloth and liquid polish I would also use very little pressure. When finished use a insulator wax on the part.
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