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Steel motorcycle frame rust question.....

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  • Steel motorcycle frame rust question.....

    hi all, I'm new here and I've already gotten a lot of very useful info, thanks. I've polished the steel exhaust header pipes on my bike and am very happy with the results so far. I'm thinking of doing the frame, which is an older steel tube design. I'm wondering how quickly this will rust if I polish it. will it be similar to my polished SS muffler and the polished header pipes as far as upkeep and corrosion prevention, or is the frame likely made of a different type of steel that will rust more readily. will a monthly hit of Mothers be enough to keep it looking good? Climate is Northern California, and the bike never sees any rain use/is stored in a garage.

    thank you!


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    Steel will obviously rust faster than Stainless, but if you take care of it as you describe, you shouldn't have a problem. A good coat of wax would help greatly.
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      Sounds good. The frame is anodized right now, so I'l probably be buying some of your anodize stripper. aftre stripping the finish what grade compounds would you recommend I start with for the polishing.

      thanks for your help.



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        ooops, just saw the pick-a-buffer page. looks like all the info I need.