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Wheel Polishing: Still not getting desired results

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  • Wheel Polishing: Still not getting desired results

    First off here's what I've done so far.
    palm sanded to 220 grit (can find finer hook and loop around here)
    wetsand to 600 grit.
    4" sprial sewn with emery
    4" sprial sewn with tripoli
    4" loose cotton with white
    I'm doing all this with an electric drill with a max speed of 3100 rpms.
    I've tried to go in one direction, then switch 90 degrees. I've also tried to use both cut and colour motions with the drill.

    I've looked back at my pictures after finishing with the emery, and my finished product (white) still has the same scratches as after the emery. Pickle suggested before that I wasn't using the correct heat/pressure, and to rake more often. I tried to do this but I'm still not getting results. When viewed at an angle the wheel looks great, but when looking at it straight on it's very hazy and full of scratches.

    Should I got back to the emery and spiral? Is the equipment I'm using going to cut it? or do I need something faster? Please help!

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    Re: Wheel Polishing: Still not getting desired results

    _If_ you did every previous step completely, and the scratches were indeed left by the emery, you could try tripoli (brown) before the white.

    I find that the scratches are often left by a previous step not completed...I force myself to keep going for quite a while after I think a step is done, just to make sure.

    I hate to say this, but I've learned that sometimes you have to backtrack and start over at one of the previous steps, maybe even down to the 2nd one. Keep track of which step you did in which direction, it can give you clues as to where the scratches came from.


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      Re: Wheel Polishing: Still not getting desired results

      hey chris try this. i did the math and the speed you are getting is about 3100 sfpm. that is slow but still might work. pick a spot on the wheel. work with the emory and go back an forth cut and color in the same spot. keep this up till it seems like you can get no more shine. rake often and keep the wheel loaded up with compound. when you dont see any more cutting action get the brightest light you can find and look at the wheel at close to 90 degrees and see if the scratches are still there. if so then keep working the emory it will cut them out it is just a slow process sometimes. if no scratches then move to the loose and white do the same in the same spot and see if the scratches come back. i have had that happen before on some jobs. when moving to white i sometimes have to do it with a spiral wheel also to keep from scratching the finish. if you stay in a small area it will tell you if the technique is right and if so move on to the next small spot. sometimes when working with slower wheel speed you have to concentrate the cut in small patterns. with the speed your drill is turning it should not cause any rippling of the surface. also dont get to discouraged as this is more art than science so it take some practice to turn out show finish.
      when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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