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  • Buffing

    Howdy guys, this is my first post, so be gentle. I'm looking to spruce up my aluminum rims that are in excellent shape but have VERY minor surface scratches. Just looking to go to the next level so to speak. I have surfed around somewhat and I'm assuming the white compound with a canton flannel wheel is the ticket. I'm a big time novice and I've been looking for a flexable attachement I can use on a drill. Does Caswell carry this. I may have missed it on the web site. I have seen the Red & Blue compound also, is this something worth using for my above mentioned project? Oh yea, just to clarify, the rims are not clear coated, just polished alum.

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    Re: Buffing

    You might want to start with white/canton to see what it does, then if that's too mild work backward to white/spiral. The type wheel has as much to do with the finish as the compound.

    Once you get the scratches out, the red will really make them showy. The blue is really mild - in fact it's used for plastic a lot.

    Why use a flex shaft with a drill? - just use the drill. Do not use cheap flex shafts - they won't last. Caswell sells a pretty good heavy one but a drill might not be enough to power it. I use an old refrigerator motor.