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Polishing aluminum chevy 350 cylinder heads

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  • Polishing aluminum chevy 350 cylinder heads

    I am fairly new to metal polishing and have a set of aluminum chevy 350 cylinder heads I am polishing. My question is if there is any agressive cutting buffing wheels in the 2 to 4" range. I use a lot of 8" airway buffs and love them and would like to find some small wheels that are a little more agressive than the regular sewn cotton buffs. Also if anybody could share there tips or tricks on polishing aluminum heads it would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you
    Begining Polisher

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    Spiral wheels with black compound should be able to do the job. You can also try the greaseless compound, which is more aggressive than the black emery.

    Have you tried something like a nylon brush? See
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      chevy 350 heads

      thank you for your reply. I just tried a 4" sewn cotton wheel with a green bar last night and it worked pretty good. I have sanded the heads to 400 grit then started with the 4" wheel. I will try the black tonight my customer was here last night when I tried the wheel and he was happy with the outcome

      I do a lot of OEM factory wheels with clear coat and machine lines. What would you recommend for buffing wheels for these I have been using Zephyr air way buffs (orange,green, and white) I use paint remover to get the clear off then size permiting i use an electric da sander to sand the maching lines
      Begining Polisher