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  • Oven Cleaner Help

    hello all,
    just a quick question,
    alot of you all suggest Easy Off for stripping/metal prep.
    over here in the UK i have read up on 'Mr. Muscle' heavy duty oven cleaner,has any you guys used it..sillier question do you get it in the States
    many thanks

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    Re: Oven Cleaner Help

    that should be ok. the ingredient you are looking for is sodium hydroxide. as long as that is in it the cleaner should work. dont get the non caustic version or the oderless.
    when in doubt polish it out/ why replace it when you can refinish it
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      Re: Oven Cleaner Help

      thanks big time m8..guess where i'm off to now,the oven cleaner isn't that expensive,i've posted on another thread ref. sandpaper grading advice(buyin off ebay) starting preppin my primary chain cover,any final advice off you b4 i apply the oven cleaner.
      i bet you can guess what my next thread will be what grit to start with etc.i have as i said already asked that question with picture included,but worth asking you whilst i'm here,hope you dont mind.i dont think i have a reply on that yet.
      well m8 i'm away to the shop,then play time in the work shop.
      take care and many thanks